26 February - 1 March 2018


Revolutionizing Mobile Network SecurityPalo Alto Networks

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Palo Alto Networks

Date & Time

Wednesday, 28 Feb

14:45 - 16:35

Doors open: 14:30


Hall 8.0 NEXTech Theatre F


With LTE roaming traffic growing exponentially alongside the rise of 5G networks and the internet of things, increasing numbers of mobile and IoT devices are being targeted across your entire network. The threat landscape has become larger than ever. Cybercriminals use cloud technology and automation to modify malware and weaponize infected devices in minutes, not hours or days.    An automated security framework that leverages network visibility combined with advanced threat analysis that can be applied to all layers of traffic across multiple locations within mobile networks is key to protect your network and users.
Join Palo Alto Networks, Unit 42, AT&T Business Solutions, and Hardenstance for a series of short presentations and a panel discussion on the growing threat landscape and the advanced techniques needed against automated cyber threats.
14:45 – 15:30       
Introduction: Peter Margaris,  Head of Service Provider Marketing, Palo Alto Networks
Unit 42: Advanced Analysis on Mobile Threats with Greg Day,  VP & CSO Palo Alto Networks, EMEA
Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks’ prestigious threat research group, will provide results of recent research including the advanced threats impacting subscribers and networks, and will describe how Palo Alto Networks is leveraging automation, artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to enable a prevention automation security framework to thwart cyber threats to mobile, IoT and enterprise infrastructure.
Hardenstance: An Industry View with Patrick Donegan, Industry Analyst
An industry perspective on 5G Security requirements, growing trends in network security threats from IoT, and the expanding role of Managed Security Services.
15:30 – 16:10
Revolutionizing Mobile Network Security & Securing the IoT Revolution
Operators, enterprise, and MVNOs must also leverage advanced techniques, combined with complete mobile network visibility to keep ahead of cyber criminals. In these two presentations, Palo Alto Networks will describe breakthrough security technologies that can be deployed within mobile networks for securing 5G and IoT use cases, and AT&T Business Solutions will provide a managed security service provider perspective.
Leonid Burakovsky, Sr. Director Product Management, Palo Alto Networks, Service Provider Solutions
Rupesh Chokshi, Associate VP, Product Marketing Management, AT&T Business Solutions
16:10 – 16:35
Panel Discussion and Q&A:  What next for Mobile Network Security?
Led by Patrick Donegan, the speakers will further explore the critical security issues facing the mobile industry and address questions from the audience.


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