26 February - 1 March 2018


Payments As A Platform: Unlocking The API Economy And The Future Of Digital Innovation

GSMA Seminars

Date & Time

Monday, 26 Feb

16:00 - 17:30

Doors open: 15:30


CC1 Room 1.5


As the leading payments providers in a growing number of emerging markets, mobile operators are uniquely placed to accelerate digital solutions to advance social and economic development. Beyond financial inclusion, this is facilitating increased access to basic services such as water and energy, enabling the growth of e-commerce, and giving start-ups tools to take ideas to scale.  However, serving as the payments platform for innovation means that operators confront significant challenges. Rapid expansion has yielded a complex and technically fragmented industry. Originally celebrated as innovators, operators are now being looked upon as incumbents by fintech and tech giants who are well placed to rapidly unbundle and re-bundle digital payment solutions. This seminar will look at how new players and partnerships, enabled by greater connectivity, better interfaces and different business models, will allow operators to reach the underserved and provide access to a wider range of digital services.