26 February - 1 March 2018


Mobile & Digital Technologies Accelerating The Impact Of Digital Social Innovation

GSMA Seminars

Date & Time

Thursday, 01 Mar

09:30 - 11:30


CC1 Room 1.5


Mobile and digital technologies have offered innovators the opportunity to rethink how we run almost everything, from health and well-being, to money and mobility, to democratic participation and collaborative making, and to the delivery of public services. These technologies, by the hand of digital innovators, are disrupting economies, business models and how the delivery of services and products takes place.

This seminar session will start with the visions of the public, private and third sectors on how to bring together strategically the answering of societal challenges with the potential of digital innovation. It presents how some of the most creative organisations are achieving their missions faster by leveraging mobile and digital technologies. By combining AI, computer learning, big data and IoT with a clear understanding of the problems being tackled, these organisations are transforming the lives of citizens.

The second part of the session will offer a hands-on overview on how social digital solutions are able to grow and develop sustainable business models. Real-life pilots, implemented with the support of d-LAB, a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, will be presented in order to highlight the benefits of the presented solutions, lessons learnt during deployment, and the challenges faced to get to the marketplace. Testimonials from successful organisations, already scaling up their services and products, will enable to learn about the full cycle, from problem identification to transforming lives at large scale.